I Swapped Alcohol for Cannabis Beverages — Here’s What I Noticed

by | Jul 24, 2023 | News Articles

I gave up my nightly glass of wine to see if I felt any different with cannabis beverages. And guess what? I did, and here’s how.

On my quest to find a tasty wine substitute, I tried at least a dozen different cannabis drinks and found three that worked for me. Cann, a line of canned “social tonics” made from all-natural ingredients and only lightly sweetened with agave, makes several complex fruit- and herb-infused flavors — each of which only has a modest 2 milligrams of THC. Levia also makes a Water Soluble Tincture that allows me to get creative and create my own custom cannabis mocktails. Finally, Good Stuff Social Tonics — concentrates that are made with real pureed fruit and tropical blossom honey — mix like a dream into lemonade, other juices, and seltzer alike. As with the Levia Tincture, Good Stuff’s products can be dosed according to my desired experience — in other words, I can add more or less depending on how much I want to feel the effects.

Source: I Swapped Alcohol for Cannabis Beverages — Here’s What I Noticed

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