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by | Apr 26, 2023 | News Articles

Cannabis-infused beverage company LEVIA rung in the occasion of 4/20 by announcing the launch of its first ever terpene-infused THC seltzer set in the delectable ‘Pineapple Express’ flavor.Unsurprisingly, this particular THC seltzer pays tribute to the Pineapple Express cannabis strain, with the momentous addition of terpenes making for a flavor profile that ranges from tropical pineapple notes to arboreal character of cedar and pine.Kristin Rogers, co-founder at LEVIA, explained that the limited-edition ‘Pineapple Express’ flavor won out in an Instagram poll in which fans were asked to select the flavor that would act as a 4-20 special. “Our LEVIA customers overwhelmingly voted to have Pineapple Express as our 4/20 limited-edition flavor, so we used this as an opportunity to introduce our first-ever terpene-infused seltzer that offers customers the same fast-acting, cannabis-infused beverage they’ve come to love, but with a dialed-in flavor and aroma profile that honors the Pineapple Express strain,” Rogers said.

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